Memex Automation Cites Robert C. Hansen on OEE Profitability

Originally published online by SBW!RE. Link to full article here.

According to John Rattray of Memex Automation, “We consider [Robert C. Hansen’s Overall Equipment Effectiveness: A Powerful Production/Maintenance Tool for Increased Profits] to be the premier book on the principles of OEE – Overall Equipment Effectiveness.  Hansen demonstrates that for a manufacturer, a 10% improvement in OEE can generate a 60+% improvement to EBIT – representing millions of dollars to the bottom line profit.”  Rattray notes, “Hansen’s text brings together both the social and technical aspects of successful manufacturing and processing.  I would have paid many times over to have such a book at the start of my manufacturing career.  The book is a practitioner’s primer; it demonstrates how to apply and improve overall equipment effectiveness at your factory or processing plant.  Picture yourself facing a majestic mountain that represents performance excellence at its peak. Every factory or processing plant represents a mountain, and no two are exactly the same.  In fact, each changes whenever its products, processes, materials, or people change.  Achieving excellence is a continuous climb.”